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The main reason epoxy flooring is so popular in garage installations is this highly sought-after benefit - its extreme durability. Epoxy flooring offers chemical, resistance to motor oil, gear oil, gasoline, bleach, acids, and even many solvents. Even if vehicle fluids sit on the surface of an epoxy coating for a long period of time they can still be cleaned without staining. Simply put, protective epoxy flooring is a great solution for garages no matter what type of vehicle you’re parking or project you’re working on.

Further, due to epoxy’s hardness and thickness, it’s extremely resistant to abrasion from commonly used garage items such as metal wheeled tool boxes, floor jacks, and even jack stands. Epoxy flooring has high impact resistance as well, so dropped tools or even heavy free weights (if you’re using your garage as a gym) typically do not chip or otherwise damage an epoxy coating.